Riding Simulator

Posture & Seat Work Clinic

Using Centered Riding® techniques and featuring the Racewood Riding Simulator

A rider’s seat is the crucial foundation to developing and perfecting a harmonious partnership with our horses whether we are leisure or competition riders.

Centered Riding® is a globally proven method based on Classical Dressage, using elements of martial arts, Alexander Technique, sports psychology and a solid understanding of biomechanics, to help riders change, develop and perfect their seat and posture without tension or tightness.

“A revelation in all aspects of hand, leg and seat! Ramsey will thank you!” (Catherine A) “I wish I had learnt to use my seat and body like this before I started riding dressage tests!” (Jan D) . . . that’s just two of the many positive comments received after previous clinics!

What the Clinic offers:

  • Focused assessment and input for your individual posture, seat and training level need by a certified and experienced Centered Riding® Instructor
  • Developing your technique and Following Seat in walk, trot, canter and even lateral movements in accordance with your requirements, including body awareness exercises
  • The luxury of being able to completely concentrate on and develop yourself in a supportive environment
  • A print-out of your electronic seat assessment in walk,trot and canter at the start and at the end of your clinic to track the progress you made

Formats & Cost

Private 1-on1

2 Participants

3 Participants

Total time: 2 hours Total time: 3 hours Total time: 4 hours
Cost: £155 Cost: £125 per person Cost: £105 per person

Email us today for the latest clinic information, check availability or book your own clinic!

Riding Clubs / Livery Yards / Group of Friends

If you would like to have a simulator clinic with Centered Riding techniques arranged with Patty that suits your numbers and/or requirements, please contact us and we will be happy to make arrangements to suit you.


"Simulator clinic was very informative and helpful – wonderful instruction showing what the differences are in posture corrections. Patty is brilliant!” –Maureen

"Thank you – very helpful! The clinic has helped me identify the areas I need help with and provided good tools to deal with them. Will be seeing Patty again soon!” –Tina

"Thanks, Patty! Really great exercises to highlight self-awareness. I would encourage all riders to experience this type of training to help their horses and become more aware of how they are affecting their horse’s movement and freedom of movement.” –Debbie

"A very useful day! Patty is very good at looking at the whole person and the individual body’s mechanics. She is equally able to show simple remedies for modifying obvious imbalances. This gives confidence in changing posture and technique. Looking forward to further work with Patty!” –Sylvie

"Really glad I gave this a go! The simulator is great – it gives consistency so you can concentrate on working on yourself and the computer graphs are very useful – but what set it apart was Patty’s teaching and the Centered Riding techniques she used on and off the simulator. Totally illuminating – I came away not only understanding how my posture affected the horse’s movements but also how to make effective, positive changes. Thanks, Patty!”–Jon


The venue for all simulator clinics is Quob Stables Equestrian Centre, Durley Brook Road, Durley, Southampton, Hampshire, SO32 2AR.

Centered Riding® techniques and the Racewood Riding Simulator are an unbeatable combination to take your riding to the next level!