Patty’s Approach

Patty feels that riding instruction is teamwork between the instructor, the owner/rider and the horse. It is important that all three come away from a lesson feeling motivated, positive and looking forward to more!

In order to work towards harmony with your horse, the physical and psychological aspects of riding and training both horse and rider need to be taken into consideration.

Patty’s approach to riding instruction covers groundwork (which can include leading, lunging, long-lining, in-hand work, pole work, human-to-human exercises for body awareness and seat development etc) as well as the partnership and ridden development of horse and rider.

A clear understanding of goals and progress is vital in order to stay motivated and positive. Patty will lay out a short, medium and long term plan of your and your horse’s training, not only explaining what to work on but also why this needs to be worked on and how and when to work on it.


"Riding: The dialogue between two bodies and two souls aimed at establishing perfect harmony between them." Waldemar Seunig (from his book “Horsemanship”, 1956)