Centered Riding®

What is Centered Riding®?

Centered Riding® & Classical Riding Principles

Created by Sally Swift, Centered Riding® is not a new way of riding or a specific riding style, but rather it uses body awareness, centering and imagery to express the classical principles of riding in an innovative way.

This transforms the technical “what” into a practical and approachable “how to”, by teaching in a language that allows clearer communication between horse, rider and instructor. It taps into the understanding of how the mind affects the body and how both affect the horse.

The basis of Centered Riding® is a knowledge of:

  • the Classical Dressage principles . . . Read more >>>
  • human and equine anatomy and biomechanics principles . . . Read more >>>
  • Oriental martial arts (for centering, breathing and grounding techniques)
  • along with body awareness, mental imagery and sports psychology

The aim is to develop harmony with your horse . . . whatever your chosen discipline!

How can Centered Riding® help with your specific situation?

Centered Riding® techniques help promote suppleness, stability and clearer aids, and can help with:

  • achieving an independent seat by developing balance and “feel”
  • overcoming resistance in your horse by helping you develop a correct posture, a soft following seat and hands that allow your aids to flow between you and your horse
  • increasing confidence by developing a greater understanding of your horse’s movement and how to effectively influence this to achieve greater control
  • overcoming the frustration of the feeling of “not getting it quite right”, whether it be more relaxed hacking, smooth transitions, flying changes or maintaining the rhythm and flow in your jumping
  • improving your overall performance with your horse whether you are a competition or leisure rider

Centered Riding® techniques and principles can be applied to any riding discipline: dressage, jumping, LeTrec, Western, leisure riding, driving etc.,
Try it out and see how it can transform the relationship between you and your horse!
See how others have benefited from the Centred Riding® techniques.